“Take all the ugly shit inside and try to make it beautiful”

I really love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ music. I’m mostly in love with the lyrics…. I actually learn from them. So many songs resonate with me and I truly believe in what he is saying. His videos also I think are amazing stories to go along with them This first song doesn’t have a video but its amazing. So many good lines in here. Take a listen.
Here are a couple of my favorites:

I don’t control life, but I control how I react to it to it.

Take all the ugly shit inside and try to make it beautiful.

I use my veins to create the color I paint from, delve into self until my heart becomes my paint brush.

This next video is called Otherside and it’s one of the first songs I heard from Macklemore. I fell in love with the lyrics, message and THE VIDEO. It really amazes me still. Fences is an awesome artist too. Check it out.

So inspired by this artist. Will post a few more in days to come. Enjoy. xo


India Arie on Super Soul Sunday

I love what they talk about here. What really got me was when India Arie talks about that peaceful space within, where bad stuff can happen to you… but it doesn’t shake you to your core, because of that space. Being in the world but not of it.

This link will take you to this clip of the interview but there ARE SO MANY GOOD VIDEOS to click around and watch on this site. Check it them out.


Also, here is one of my all time favourite India Arie songs. It’s called the Truth.