Remember, be here now. Ram Dass


This book is pretty trippy. Real cool information in here if you can interpret it. It’s not really a book you read as a story, but quotes on each page. So you can just open randomly at your will. Here are a couple examples….
Great thought provoking coffee table book.

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be here now

be here now

be here now


TEDx Women

I found a few talks by some really inspiring women on TEDTalks…. I ended up on TEDxFiDiWomen and TEDxWomen and I couldn’t stop. I watched one by one and was SOOOO INSPIRED.  Every woman brought different information that blew me away.
To be honest, most TED talks are pretty amazing! I just have much love for these strong inspiring women.

I suggest you go to YouTube and type it in yourself, but here are a few that really resonated with me!


The Daily Love

The Daily Love

This is probably my favourite blog on earth to be honest, It’s the only blog I am 100% committed to reading.
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The Daily Love shares deeply resonating ideas and information regarding your spirit and love.

A place to Love and be Loved. Beautiful.

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